High School Apostles



We are a group of high school students who want to respond to the Lord’s call to be saints and “go and make disciples of all nations” (Mt 28:19). Our apostolic activity is nourished by our conviction that only the Lord Jesus can answer the deepest longing of our human heart. From our relationship with Him, with our own lives, we want to give testimony of an authenticity which can only be found in the Christian Life.

We want to respond to the Lord’s call to be saints with heroic spirits. Our goal is to make a real difference in the world by striving to be holy and aiming to build up everything in Christ. As apostles, we live the spirituality of Mary. This means that we aim to cooperate in her mission of bringing all her children to the Lord Jesus.

We believe that Christ is the answer for the human person and the challenges all young people face growing up. We are guided by the belief that no one can give what they do not have. The program is designed to educate, form, and encourage students to grow in their Catholic Faith. We are together seeking to build a community of friends in Christ like the first apostles gathered around Mother Mary.

We go out with courage to announce what we have found!




We receive training in the faith and leadership skills to share the faith with others.
We are committed to:

  • Growing in our life of prayer and personal relationship with the Lord Jesus.
  • Building deep friendships with one another
  • Attending monthly formation meetings
  • Becoming team members and leading evangelization retreats
  • Supporting and leading diocesan youth events
  • Witnessing to our faith in schools, parishes and among our families and friends.
  • Committing to serve the most needy

Each month we offer formation meetings where a variety of topics are covered to help us grow in our Faith in their mind, heart, and action. We also receive a one-day leadership training to better prepare us to lead different events and retreats in the Diocese. Every year there is a weekend retreat for the apostles to deepen in their love of the Lord and grow in fellowship in the community. We are also offered several different opportunities throughout the year for us to grow in our relationship with Christ as well as give witness to others of their faith. One of the favorite traditions of High School Apostles is an annual pilgrimage.

Part of the mission of HSA is to assume leadership roles at diocesan events such as Convivio, Fan the Fire and lead confirmation retreats.




The process to join HSA includes filling out an application that explains why the young person wants to be a part of HSA, what they expect of the program and how they can help enrich it and all those who are a part of the group.

You will need to:

  1. Fill out the online application form.
  2. Send 1 letter of recommendation to hsa@diobpt.org or to 238 Jewett Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06606-2892 to the attention of Maria Cerdena (We recommend that the Pastor of your parish, youth minister, Director of Campus Ministry or Chaplain at your school, teacher, guidance counselor, or coach send the letter).
  3. A committee will review the applications and letters of recommendation received in order to select those who will be invited to join the High School Apostles Program and inform all the applicants of their final decision. Those who have been selected will then receive a letter with the information, calendar and mandatory upcoming activities for new HSAs.