Fan the Fire

Fan the Fire 2017 was held on August 19th at St. Joseph High School. Check back soon for information about Fan the Fire 2018.



Fan the Fire is a one day event designed to reach out to teens and help them to either deepen their relationship with Christ or discover it for the first time. The day consists of a dynamic host, high-quality music, talented local, regional and national Catholic youth speakers, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, confessions, contemporary Mass, concert, dinner and more. Fan the Fire appeals to both youth and their leaders. Its one day format is not overwhelming for youth or logistically challenging for group leaders. Fan the Fire is a perfect mix of fun and high-energy music as well as profoundly reverent prayer. The speakers reach out and engage teens with humor and a challenging, authentic, Catholic message that encourages them to seek and live out the truth of the Gospel. The music is a wonderful mix of popular and new praise and worship music as well as familiar hymns designed to interject both joy and reverence to the act of worship. Most of the comments from past participants point to Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament as the best part of the day. We truly believe that real and profound changes can only occur when people meet Christ in a real way. All of the talks, skits, and music prepare and point to Adoration followed by the Sacred Liturgy.




Registration for Fan the Fire will be done online. The majority of people come as parish or school groups.


If you are a group leader you have two registration options.


  1. You can do full online registration. You will not have to collect any paper forms or payment. You will not need to enter in final numbers. Registration numbers will be periodically sent to you. You must still follow this path to register yourself.
  2. If online registration may be difficult for you parish, you can do traditional forms. Once you have the forms you will need to fill out the registration as a group leader with your final numbers.


If you are a youth please have your parent follow the link below to begin the registration process. You will be prompted to select your parish from a drop down box. If you parish is not listed, you may want to contact your parish about bringing a group. If not you will be welcomed into another group. The cost for registration is $40 per person and can be paid for online via credit card or paid to your parish via check or cash.


All chaperones must also complete the registration process. You safe environment status will be confirmed once you are registered.