Registrations for Convivio are officially opened! Save a few minutes by checking the participant form before registering.


Please take a few moments to read and understand this legal document before you sign.

Participant will be able to pre-register themselves but parents or court appointed legal guardian will need to complete the full registration form. After participants pre-register, parents will receive an email with the link to the complete form.

Please note

No participant will be allowed to leave early without an express permission slip detailing the time of release signed by the parent. This release form must be provided to the Registration desk in advance.

The cost of Convivio is $60 and it includes:

  • Entrance to Conference sessions, Convivio book and materials for all the small group discussions.
  • Dinner on Friday, lunch and dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday.
  • Saturday night DJ Party
  • and more!

Ready to get started?


What is Convivio?


Convivio is a weekend high school congress where students from grades 9 through 12 come together to reflect upon contemporary society, to share their experiences, thoughts, interests, and to propose explanations  and answers to the problems and challenges that we experience in today’s world.


The weekend is designed for young people to get to know others in Christ. Throughout the weekend there are group discussions, talks, videos, games, skits, music and more. There is also the opportunity to partake in Mass, Eucharistic Adoration, and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It is a fun-filled weekend not to be missed!


“Leading groups at Convivio allowed me to grow in friendship not only with other group leaders but with the kids in my group. It was refreshing to see so many kids on fire for Christ and to show people that Christ is always with them. Also being able to help with liturgical tasks was also very enjoyable. I look forward to seeing what Convivio 2018 brings!!”

– Group leader

“This past Convivio was my 5th or 6th. Being a volunteer I am not able to watch a lot of what goes on. But every year there are several parts that humble me. I always look forward to the Bishop addressing the youth. To be a part of and to witness Holy hour and confession is always wonderful. But most importantly I love to watch the transformation as the Holy Spirit works in these young adults.”

– Adult volunteer

“It was such a blessing to be able to witness all the young people there that actually wanted to be there and had so much fun. There was a point where I had gone to adoration during a free time that I had and it was amazing to see that so many people were there to the point that they had to wait turns to go into the chapel because there was no space!!”

– Group leader